Andrew Having an NBA Fantasy Draft and Watching Scary Movie on MTV at 1 am

I know most people who read this, at least the ones that I know, don't give a crap about the NBA at all.  That said, maybe there are some people that do other than my friend AC and I, so this is kind of for them.  Or a bunch of nerds who enjoy fantasy sports.  Or both.  I happen to be both.  I'm an NBA fan, and a fantasy nerd.  Granted, I've never ever done well in fantasy basketball.  Regardless, here is my live rundown of my 2011-2012 NBA Fantasy draft on

Dan Gilbert Needs to STFU

Those of you who actually know me, know that I don't keep up with much news in the NBA, I don't watch many games, and I don't typically care about the inner happenings of the league. One storyline that has kept me interested however, has been Dan Gilbert's rants about how unfair it is that x happened, or unfair that y is happening. Today we're able to add an extra chapter to the Dan Gilbert: Douche bag biography.

Reports of a 3-team trade involving the Lakers, Rockets, and Hornets came out yesterday that would send Chris Paul to LA, Pau Gasol to Houston, and Lamar Odom, Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Goran Dragic and a 2012 first-round draft pick to New Orleans. Shortly thereafter, there were rumblings that "some owners" (Dan Gilbert) had a problem with the deal because the Lakers would have both Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul. Not long after that, David Stern nixed the deal stating it was not a fair trade and since the other 29 teams in the NBA now own the Hornets, he can do that. Now Chris Paul is not showing up to camp, threatening to sue the league, and all teams involved in the trade are appealing the ruling. This was a terrible decision by David Stern; He should know by now to NEVER listen to Dan Gilbert. I wonder if he sent the message in Comic Sans...

This trade was BY FAR the best situation for the Hornets. Gilbert argued that smaller market teams such as Cleveland and New Orleans are getting taken advantage of by the big market teams in LA, New York, etc. and for some reason beyond comprehension Stern agreed. Chris Paul is leaving the Hornets. It's really not a big secret that he wants to be in a larger market, and who can blame him? He's an NBA superstar who wants the millions of dollars in endorsement deals that the star-atheletes in large markets typically get. The NBA owned Hornets had two options:

1. Don't do anything and lose Chris Paul, have no talent on the roster, lose fans, lose TV deals, lose money, raise the unemployment rate in Louisiana, and finally dissolve the franchise.

2. Trade Chris Paul, who's going to leave in 66 games anyways, and receive 3 VERY good players in Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, and Lamar Odom, a 2012 1st round draft pick, and the opportunity to rebuild a franchise into a profitable business that could actually be sold to an individual instead of being league-owned.

I know not everyone has good deductive reasoning skills, some people can't do simple math, and some just don't care, but clearly the only option for the Hornets here was to trade CP3 and get not just anything, but actual quality players in return. Stern's blocking of this trade was possibly the single worst move he has made since taking over as NBA commissioner and will more than likely add to the list of reasons why he won't continue to be the commish in the future.

As for Dan Gilbert, he's proven time and time again that while he is a good businessman, capable of owning a multi-million dollar franchise, he certainly doesn't have much tact. He writes memos to his fans in comic sans font, and makes an absolute ass out of himself when he has a "that's so unfair!" temper tantrum. The league needs to stop worrying about what one owner has to say and do what's best for the league, or the NBA will lose the few fans they still have left.

Fielder Sign and Trade to Marlins for Hanley Ramirez

Marlins SS Hanley Ramirez

There has been crazy activity the last week or so at the baseball Winter Meetings.  Free agents going here and there, possible trades talked about left and right.  The new-look Miami Marlins pried closer Heath Bell away from the Padres, SP Mark Buehrle away from the Chi-Sox, and SS Jose Reyes from the Mets.  Just today we found out that Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson, the best available hitter and pitcher, respectively, are taking their talents to Los Angeles, or Anaheim, or wherever the Angels play.  

There's one more move that needs to be made, and it concerns our home town Milwaukee Brewers and their own prize free agent, Prince Fielder.  He needs to sign with Milwaukee for whatever the Marlins will want to pay him, and then be traded to Miami for SS Hanley Ramirez.

Ndamukong Suh-- Dirty Player, Dirty Liar

We all know Ndamukong Suh is a dirty player. Numerous Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties, ejections, fines and now a suspension all prove that. For Suh to try to convince the public otherwise is an insult to our intelligence. That's all fine and good, as we're all used to NFL players and their broadway-like acting skills, but it looks like King Kong is going to be doing much more than pleading his case to refs-- he's going to have to plead it to a jury if the law does its job. 

Brett Favre for Chicago? I hope so!

Early Monday afternoon reports started surfacing that the 'Ol Gunslinger Brett Favre was open to talking to the Chicago Bears about their troubles at quarterback and that he'd been working out and keeping in football shape. Really Brett? Two returns from retirement weren't enough?

I'd be lying if I said this didn't excite me, but not for the reason you might think. A Fav-ruh return to the Bears would do a lot for the NFL, and here are my top 3 reasons why:

Week 13 Reactions From Andrew

We've had a Week 13 with some playoff relevancy and some exciting games.  Here I'll just give a short breakdown of my takes on each matchup that went down this past weekend, and maybe some other errant thoughts that happen to cross my mind as I go along.  Les do it.

Kansas City 10, Chicago 3
Message to Caleb Hanie - Before you get benched in favor of rookie Nathan Enderle whom Mike Martz seems to like a lot, stop throwing 3 picks a game. I wrote in my power rankings last week that as long as Hanie doesn't throw 3 INTs, the Bears can win with him. What does he do? Goes out and throws 3 INTs again, and now Matt Forte is out 2-6 weeks too. Rumors today swirling about Brett Favre possibly coming back in a Bear uniform, and I'd love to see it. Bring it on, O.G. (Old Gunslinger for those of you who aren't Jim Rome listeners) Come back to Lambeau on Christmas night so we can dust your ass one more time and your last pass can be in a Bears jersey. Oh by the way, how'd that Kyle Orton pickup go for the Chiefs? One play, injury, out.

Mike's Week 14 Power Rankings

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's time again for my FDS power rankings! What can I say-- The Packers are 12-0, have clinched a playoff berth and another NFC North Division title after a tight one in New York, while Chicago, Minnesota and Detroit all lost. It's proven to be a helluva year for WINsconsin sports fans-- The Brewers made only the second NLCS appearance in franchise history, the Badger football team rallied back after two tough losses to win the first annual Big Ten Championship game, Badger basketball is 7-1 after losing only to previously No. 1 North Carolina, and the Packers are 12-0. Oh yeah, the Milwaukee Bucks are going to have a season now too. They are still a team, right?

Not all fans are rejoicing in their teams' successes though; the NFL brought some surprising outcomes this week, especially the Denver Tebows winning AGAIN. The New York Giants have gotten back to what I knew they were capable of-- Losing. The G-Men had dropped 4 straight going into Sunday's matchup and in case you haven't heard, the undefeated Packers continued that streak in the New Meadowlands. Sorry Giants fans, my preseason prediction of your team missing the playoffs is looking better and better.

1) Green Bay Packers (12-0) -- The Packers stayed patient even with Rodgers having another "off-game". Turns out they're a pretty good team all around, and A-Rod is still rolling out 100+ QB Rating games. Watch out, only 4 games to go with 3 of them at home...

2) New Orleans Saints (9-3) -- Sure, SF has a better record, but the only team playing anywhere Green Bay's level is New Orleans. Drew Brees has been unconscious as of late, and the only question for the Saints is whether or not their defense will be able to contain Aaron Rodgers in the postseason. Spoiler alert! The answer to that question is no.

3) San Francisco 49ers (10-2) -- The Harbowl lived up to the hype, but what's even more important for 49er fans is that their team clinched the NFC West this week for the first time since 2002. While there wasn't a ton of offense, it's tough to lose when you hold the opposition to a big fat ZERO points.

Andrews Week 13 Power Rankings

It's time for my Week 13 Power Rankings.  It's been a long time since I've posted some, and a lot's changed.  Check out my Packer Fan's Commitment For the Rest of the NFL Season post from last night if you haven't yet.  Let's get straight to it.

1. Green Bay Packers (11-0)
Still the Champs, still undefeated, and mostly thanks to Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers. Coach of the Year and MVP respectively, in my opinion.

2. Baltimore Ravens (8-3) It’s difficult for me to believe in a team who’s lost to Tennessee, Jacksonville and Seattle.

3. San Francisco 49ers (9-2)
I still like the ‘Niners a lot, but the loss to the Ravens last week makes me wonder how far they can really go.

A Packer Fan's Commitment For the Rest of the NFL Season

I, Andrew Hanlon, vow to stop stressing about both of my fantasy teams, The Picks, finals, grades, completing an undefeated season, if and when a loss will finally come, and possible broken records for the entirety of the remaining NFL season.  I vow to step back and fully realize what an amazing and never before seen Green Bay Packer year this is (I say the word year because I'm not talking about an NFL season, I'm talking about a full calendar year) and the kind of team we've been blessed to watch since last December.

Mike's Week 10 Power Rankings

One fan base is asking what happened, the other is asking what's going to happen. Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers continue asking themselves 'what's wrong with us' after failing to win the division last year and clearly struggling in 2011 as well. The fumble in week 9, and a career-high 3 interceptions (two returned for GB Touchdowns) had Rivers shaking his head in disgust, and all but sealed a 14th straight victory for the Packers going back to last year. Aaron Rodgers, on the other hand, is on the path to having one of, if not the, best season for a QB in NFL history. The Packers are 8-0, have the best player in the league, and still don't think their playing up to their potential. The defending Super Bowl Champions are proving to the rest of the league they were worthy of the Lombardi Trophy last year, and are daring any other team to try to take it away from them. 

Almost equally as exciting, we have the 7-1 San Francisco 49ers and rookie coach Jim Harbaugh already close to locking up their first division title since 2002. The Niners look like the only real threat to the Packers in the NFC, and are bringing back the thrill that is San Francisco football.

1. Green Bay Packers (8-0) -- Forget just the Super Bowl, could this team be the first to go 19-0. The '72 Dolphins may be putting the champagne away for a while but first the Pack needs to get past Detroit in weeks 11 and 17.

2. San Francisco 49ers (7-1) -- Jim Harbaugh has shown Stanford wasn't just dumb luck and that some college coaches can be successful in the NFL. 

3. Baltimore Ravens (6-2) -- Two wins against their bitter rivals in Pittsburgh have the Ravens walking on cloud 9, but they still have to get the job done and wrap up the Divisional Title to take the kings' seat in the AFC North.

FDS Video Games Tourney: Speed Racer Division

Welcome back, after an exciting NFL Sunday, to our FDS Best Sports Game tournament! Today I’m posting the results of the Speed Racer Division which is comprised of the 3rd ranked games in each category. Fight Night Round 4 narrowly beatout NFL Blitz to win the Thundercats division, and I suspect each division’s final will be similarly close. Tonight I bring to you the results of the Speed Racer Division, and the second member of our Best Sports Game tournament’s Final Four.

But first, an overview of the competition.

How it works: Through feedback from friends and family and hopefully some of you, games will advance through their brackets until I have reached a single game that will be crowned the Fourth Down Stand Sports Game Champion. I will create a post about one division every day, reviewing key ‘games’, announcing the winners of each round and finally crowning a divisional champion. Thursday November 10 I will write about the Final Four, and will crown the Fourth Down Stand Sports Game Champion on my birthday—Friday, November 11.

The following are the divisions, named after a few of my favorite childhood cartoons.

The Speed Racer Division:

NFL 2K5, Playstation 2, 2004 (3)                           vs.
MLB High Heat 2003, Xbox, 2003 (3)

Andrew's Week 9 Power Rankings

We're about halfway through the season now and some surprise teams are still hanging around, which tells me that they're for real. We have the big dogs up near the top again as well like we expected, so the 2nd half of this year should bring a pretty exciting finish. See where I have the surprise teams and the teams we expected to be good ranked in this week's edition of my Power Rankings.

1. Green Bay Packers (7-0) - The Pack will stay at the top until they lose. And probably after that, too.

2. San Francisco 49ers (6-1) - If you read my post about the Kardashians, you'll know how I feel about this team. Super Bowl contenders.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) - This team has found it's identity again - Big Ben chucking the ball all over the field.

4. New England Patriots (5-2) - I still believe in this team. Well, I still believe in Tom Brady.

5. Baltimore Ravens (5-2) - Big matchup against Baltimore this week will prove who one of the top teams in the AFC really is.

FDS Video Games Tourney: Thundercats Division

As you all know after reading the rules and overview of the Fourth Down Stand Sports Game Championship posted yesterday, I am holding a tournament to determine the best Sports Video Game of all time. Today marks the first day of what should be a very exciting and amusing week of posts filled with flashbacks of neon signs, leg warmers, Starter Jackets and over-played Madonna tracks. So sit back, relax and enjoy a free trip down memory lane.

Note: If you really want the full experience of this series, put on your parachute pants and throw this on repeat in the background.

How it works: Through feedback from friends and family and hopefully some of you, games will advance through their brackets until I have reached a single game that will be crowned the Fourth Down Stand Sports Game Champion. I will create a post about one division every day, reviewing key ‘games’, announcing the winners of each round and finally crowning a divisional champion. Thursday November 10 I will write about the Final Four, and will crown the Fourth Down Stand Sports Game Champion on my birthday—Friday, November 11.

First, here are the divisions, named after a few of my favorite childhood cartoons and followed by the results of the Thunder Cats Divisional Games.

The Thundercats Division:
Round 1:

NFL Blitz, Nintendo 64, 1998 (4)                          vs.
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents MLB, SNES, 1994 (4)

While Ken Griffey Jr. was both Andrew and my favorite athlete growing up, there’s no denying the impact that NFL Blitz had on arcades and living rooms everywhere. Real smash-mouth hits, lightning-fast gameplay, no penalties and players that looked like they roided up with Tokka and Rahzar from TMNT II all made Blitz an overnight sensation. The commentary was hilarious, the hits provided hours of fun, and gamers of all ages loved it. The Blitz franchise became wildly successful, but inevitably died off. Just as it was beginning to look like a one-hit-wonder, Blitz: The League debuted for Xbox and brought the bone-crushing hits to life, along with a much-needed jolt to Midway Games.

FDS: Best Sports Video Game Tournament

A few short days ago, Andrew suggested we make a list of our top 10 sports video games for the site. We discussed dozens of games, some of which were our favorites while growing up, and some we just distinctly remembered because we rented and conquered them over the course of a week. While many were good, some were on our lists because they actually revolutionized the video gaming industry, and in some ways, changed the courses of our lives.  I had a few chuckles, and remembered “the good old days” (playing Super Nintendo for hours on end in grade school), but decided to leave the subject for just Andrew to write about.

That all changed Thursday night in three short words - Batman: Arkham Asylum.

This game, while obviously not sports related, has raised the bar. The gameplay is seamless, the graphics are insane, and the controls are surprisingly intuitive. As you glide around Arkham City, the prison city built at the center of Batman’s fictional Gotham City, you see subtle hints telling you which sections of the prison are controlled by which villains, and begin various side-missions that you will need to finish in order to achieve 100% completion in the game. I’ll take just a second here to note that while the side-missions are plenty, they are far from repetitive. They are actually quest chains, such as answering random payphones you find ringing, solving puzzles that the Riddler created for you, or studying crime-scenes and victims whom have been slaughtered by a secret villain to discover later.

NFL Contenders - Kardashian Style

DISCLAIMER: This gets pretty raunchy and completely inappropriate in parts and will definitely be offensive to some people. You’ve been warned, so don’t tell me I crossed any lines. I saw those lines, looked at them, and stepped right on over.

We're about half way through the NFL season, and I think we have a pretty good idea of what teams can win the Super Bowl and what teams can't. That's what this post will be all about: separating the 32 NFL teams into divisions based on their chances of winning the Super Bowl.

In honor of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries recent divorce, I'll name my divisions after the Kardashian family, but including Kris who, of course, is no longer a part of it. Hopefully it ends up sounding more funny than stupid, but who knows. I'll give it a whirl anyway. Oh yeah, and I left out Rob.

The Kendall and Kylie Kardashian Division
These teams are definitely showing potential, but they’re just not ready yet. We don’t feel comfortable picking them to be the best, because they’re just too inexperienced. They’re still young, and it’s a little weird that we’re even talking about them being good in the first place. We’ll just have to wait a few more years until it’s politically correct for us to say they can be winners.

The Detroit Lions
Youngest hottie: Calvin Johnson

Mike's Week 9 Power Rankings

Hello hello ladies and gentlemen! I apologize for the absence over the past few weeks but I have been in the middle of a big move to the Windy City of Chicago and Andrew has been busy on a second honeymoon at Disney. Now with both under our proverbial belts, we should be able to post much more often! I'm going to get back to it with my power rankings for week 8. I'm posting on my iPhone so I apologize if the format is a little sloppy.

1 - Green Bay Packers - The Packers had a bye this week which should be good for any lingering health issues they may have had. Look for a rejuvenated Packer team to take it to a reeling San Diego one.

2 - San Francisco 49ers - They're 6-1 for the first time since '98, back when they were tied for my favorite team. It certainly looks like the Harbaugh's know how to make successful football teams.

3 - Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steelers are playing like a team with a chip on their shoulder. After their dismal showing in week 1 they have proven they have what it takes to represent the AFC in XLVI.

4 - New England Patriots - The patriots stumble again this week and their secondary have a lot of questions. Tom Brady is a monster but without help from his defense they will have a hard time winning the East.

5 - Baltimore Ravens - Ray Rice is one of the best backs in the league with a powerhouse defense to keep him on the field. Joe Flacco has left much to be desired but if they can overcome Pittsburgh in week 9 they have a solid shot at a division title.

Andrew's Week 7 Picks

Down in Disney World on vacation with some family, but I'll show some dedication and update anyway. Here are my picks for Week 7 in the NFL ... Go Pack!

Denver over Miami - It's Tebow Time baby! Not sure how he'll fare in his first start, but they are honoring the Florida Gator National Championship team that he quarterbacked and the Dolphins still haven't won.

Houston over Tennessee - Houston will keep the ball on the ground as often as they can in this game with no Andre Johnson and a healthy Arian Foster/Ben Tate combo. They'll find a way to outscore the Titans in Tennessee.

Carolina over Washington - John Beck gets his first start since 2007 for Washington who likes to keep the ball on the ground anyway, but Cam Newton will get this team to it's 2nd victory this week.

Cleveland over Seattle - By default here, Cleveland's

Andrew's NLCS Game 5 Tidbits

If Greinke doesn't do at least as well as Randy Wolf did last night (7 innings, 2 ER) then I'm done with him already as a Brewer fan. This is what we got him to do, he's already won a Cy Young before, he needs to dominate in this game. This is our best chance to win with Fielder leaving after the season, we have to do it now. If the Brewers can go back to Milwaukee up 3-2 having to win 1 of 2 at home, we're going to the World Series. If we lose tonight and go back down 3-2, then I don't know anymore. St. Louis has already won once in Milwaukee, and they'd have Carpenter going for Game 7 on full rest, knowing he doesn't have to pitch Game 6 if they're already up. Remember what he did against Philly on the road in a series-clinching game?

Guarantee: If the Brewers can win this game, they'll advance to their first world series in 29 years. If they lose...

Milwaukee Brewers a St Louis Cardinals NLDS Game 4 Live Updates

8:14 PM CST - Mike: Hairston hits in Fielder after the Brewer's finally get a run on the board the old fashioned way. This followed by Betancourt's huge double allowing Hairston to score from 2nd on a sensational slide avoiding the tag at the plate. 2-2 bottom of the 4th.

7:53 PM CST - Mike: Brewers have Runners at 1st and 2nd, 2 outs and Ryan Braun steps up to the plate. Will the Brewers be able to score for the first time this postseason when they have 2 outs? Update: No. 1-0 STL end of 3rd.

Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Game 3 NLCS Updates

10:30 PM CST - Andrew: Disheartening. That would have been a big comeback.

9:11 PM CST - Andrew: I feel like Braun will clutch up at some point, his clutchness has carried us through the playoffs. I made that word up, I think. And if Pujols can win the Cardinals an entire game by himself like he did in Game 2, Braun and Fielder can easily do the same thing.

8:57 PM CST - Mike: Wow, who would have thought that Chris Carpenter could be on the hook in just the 5th inning. Goes to show what the Brewer's high-powered offense can do. Unfortunately the brewers haven't been able to score with RISP and 2 outs yet in the playoffs. This will be crucial for them if they want to contend for the World Series.

8:52 PM CST - Andrew: If Kotsay comes through in this game, Roenicke has to be mentioned with some of those managers that who seem to play good "hunches" in the playoffs. Btw, does it ever annoy anyone else that all ESPN analysts always seem to repeat everything their colleagues say? Except Merrill Hoge, he seems to hate everyone who's not a "tough, oldschool" white guy. Anyway, have to add that I've never been so pumped for the MLB Playoffs!

NLCS Breakdown, Game 1 Prediction

So it's Brewers vs Cardinals in the NLCS, with the Brewers defeating the D-bags, I mean D-Backs in 5 games, and the Cardinals eliminating the Phillies in 5. The Brewers have home field advantage which will be huge, because they're near unbeatable at home. After having an NFC Championship game of Packers vs Bears and the Packers going on to win the Super Bowl, I see more of the same for us Wisconsin fans. Sorry, Cardinal fans.

Game 1 is today, Zack Greinke vs Jaime Garcia at Miller Park. Greinke's a better pitcher, the Brewers are at home, and This state has a fever right now, and the only prescription is more cowbell ... errr... Brewers, baby. The Beermaker fans will be out in full force and will carry the Crew to a Game 1 victory, 5-3.

Andrew's Week 5 Power Rankings and Picks

1. Green Bay Packers (4-0) - Super Bowl Champs are still cruisin’, and Rodgers doesn’t look like he’s dropping off anytime soon.

2. New Orleans Saints (3-1) - If it weren’t for a goal line stand by the Pack in week 1, the Saints would be 4-0.

3. Baltimore Ravens (3-1) - Ray Rice is probably the best all around back in the league, and it seems like this defense doesn’t age.

4. New England Patriots (3-1) - Tom Brady is still carrying this team with the worst defense in the NFL.

5. Detroit Lions (4-0) - This offense is insanely good, Calvin Johnson is the best player in the NFL in my opinion.

6. Houston Texans (3-1) - Another really good offense, although without Andre Johnson for a few weeks will they take a step back?

Andrew Clarifies Patriots as #1 in Power Rankings

Apparently I just need to clarify quickly why I have the Patriots at number 1 in my Power Rankings this week. Just so we're all on the same page, the number 1 team in a given set of Power Rankings should be who the best team in the league is, correct? I think we can all agree on that.

So if we have Team A and Team B playing each other, and Team A beats Team B, they would, therefore, be the better team, right?

(Read More After the Break)

Mike's Week 3 NFL Picks

With Week 2 in the books it's time I bring you my first edition of weekly pickem! This week brings us a number of interesting matchups and it should prove to be an exciting one for the ordinary fan and especially for the fantasy enthusiasts. I'm going to keep my eye on our surprise 2-0's in Buffalo and especially Washington, as they head to Dallas for what should be a Monday Night Football classic. Enjoy my take on this week's action, and as always: don't be afraid to leave your $.02!

(Home Team in CAPS)

San Francisco (+2.5) over CINCINNATI – Cincinnati led by rookie Andy Dalton, have looked good in the first two weeks of the season. He seems to mesh well with fellow rookie A.J. Green and Jermaine Gresham, both good signs for this young Bengals offense. The 49ers, however, have shown a good deal of promise save the fourth quarter meltdown they suffered at the hands of Tony Romo in week 2. Jim Harbaugh has shown great confidence in a less-than-consistent Alex Smith, and Frank Gore looks, at the very least, healthy. Losing Braylon Edwards for the next 3 weeks to knee surgery will hurt the passing game so the biggest key for San Francisco going into Cinci this week will be Frank Gore playing like the multiple Pro Bowler he is.

Andrew's Week 3 Power Rankings

The first 2 weeks in the NFL have brought some surprises. Things can get a bit confusing, but that's why we're here, right? Here are my power rankings, which differ from Mike's a little bit. Different, better, more accurate, whatever word you want to use.

P.S. - Look for my Contenders and Pretenders article in a few days.

RK (LW)  Record Comments
       1 2-0 It's all about QBs, and Tom Brady is a machine.
       2 2-0 It's all about QBs, and Aaron Rodgers is playing like he was at the end of last year when he led the Pack to a Super Bowl victory.

       3 1-1 See above.

       4 1-1 The Eagles best offensive player isn't Mike Vick or DeSean Jackson. It's LeSean McCoy, and he's a freak.

Mike's Week 3 Power Rankings

Here it is everyone, my first edition of the NFL Power Rankings after some Week 2 chaos. There were a few tough decisions this week, especially in the surprise 2-0 teams like the Washington Redskins and the Buffalo Bills. As it is with every new season, the NFL is proving to have plenty of surprise performances. It's tough to say whether or not these teams are contenders or pretenders, I'll leave that for you to ponder while Andrew finishes his Pretenders or Contenders article that will be delivered to your inboxes soon.

In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy my take on the NFL power rankings, and as always, feel free to put in your $.02!

Record Comments
        1      2-0 The Packers have some serious questions on Defense after Dom Capers' squad gave up 851 yards in two weeks. Losing Nick Collins for the season doesn't help.

     2-0 Tom Brady is already making his case for MVP. If he continues the way he's started the season, there will be no stopping the Pats.

     1-1 Drew Brees is throwing the ball well, but Lance Moore and Devery Henderson need to step it up with Marques Colston out for the next 6 weeks.

     2-0 As a pass-first offense it is imperative that Plaxico Burress gets more looks and Mark Sanchez stays off the ground. This will be even harder without Mangold.

Welcome to Fourth Down Stand

Hello sports fans, and welcome to the new Fourth Down Stand! As you all know, this site is brand new, and with all new concepts come an assumed learning curve,  but stick with us as my co-editor Andrew Hanlon and I look forward to bringing you our views on the "what's going on" in sports today. While many times these views will differ from those of the experts, we hope they prove both insightful and amusing, and look forward to any and all feedback you may have.

Our future plans include:

-A weekly podcast, available for streaming through the site or download through iTunes and many other popular podcast sources

-Regular Twitter updates @FourthDownStand

-Weekly Power Rankings, beginning with the NFL and eventually encompassing all sports

-Weekly Fantasy Power Rankings by position

-More staff, and guest writers

-Our opinions on Reality Television and the downfall of mankind as a result

-Anything else that we get in an argument over

So sit back, relax, and make sure to put in your $.02 now and again so we know how we're doing.

Enthusiastically yours,

Mike Gallagher