Andrew's Week 3 Power Rankings

The first 2 weeks in the NFL have brought some surprises. Things can get a bit confusing, but that's why we're here, right? Here are my power rankings, which differ from Mike's a little bit. Different, better, more accurate, whatever word you want to use.

P.S. - Look for my Contenders and Pretenders article in a few days.

RK (LW)  Record Comments
       1 2-0 It's all about QBs, and Tom Brady is a machine.
       2 2-0 It's all about QBs, and Aaron Rodgers is playing like he was at the end of last year when he led the Pack to a Super Bowl victory.

       3 1-1 See above.

       4 1-1 The Eagles best offensive player isn't Mike Vick or DeSean Jackson. It's LeSean McCoy, and he's a freak.

       5 2-0 They don't even need Arian Foster to have an explosive offense. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Wade Phillips makes a huge difference on defense.

       6 2-0 Yep, this high. Top 10 QB, best WR in the league, and an emerging star RB. Plus they have a guy named Suh on an quickly improving defense. Quick question: Which team leads the league in turnover ratio? Yep, the Lions.

       7 1-1 Ray Rice might be the best all-around RB in the NFL, and it looked like Flacco took the preverbial "step" in week 1. What happened in week 2?

       8 1-1 Michael Turner's thighs are 36 inches around. I don't know what that has to do with how good the team is, but it's freaking insane.

       9 1-1 Their week 1 showing isn't indicative of this team. Their week 2 showing is.

       10 2-0 28th in rushing isn't a good sign for these guys. The Sanchize can't do it all by himself.

       11 1-1 Too bad Norv Turner is still their head coach, because Phillip Rivers is a top 3 QB.

       12      2-0 Top 10 in rushing and run defense = Recipe for success.

       13 1-1  If they don't solve their offensive line issues, their ranking will be dropping faster than Cutler did last week.

       14 1-1 Romo helped himself answer some critics with his gutty comeback last week. I still think he's overrated, and have since he showed up on the scene.
       15 1-1 They need to get back to running the ball to LeGarrette Blount. Look what happened last week when they did.

       16 2-0 Ryan Fitzpatrick is the real deal at QB. Fred Jackson is an insanely underrated RB. If their defense can be even halfway decent, they'll continue to surprise people.

       17 1-1 All I have to say, is give the ball to CJ. I don't know what rhymes with Hasselbeck, all I know is they shouldn't rely on him to score points all season.

       18 1-1 Kevin Kolb looks like a decent answer at quarterback. As long as he keeps throwing it to Larry Fitzgerald. Beanie Wells looks better as well.

       19 1-1 I'm a big Hue Jackson and Run DMC fan. Jason Campbell, not so much.

       20 1-1 Eli needs some help, and his receivers are dropping like flies. Uh oh.

       21 0-2 Chad Henne looks better, and Daniel Thomas looked good last week.

       22 1-1 Wait, Alex Smith doesn't really suck? Jim Harbaugh must really be a good coach.

       23 0-2 Cam Newton is going to be a star, but if they want to win now, he'll have to get used to handing off more to DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

       24 0-2 When Steven Jackson comes back it will help Sam Bradford get even better.

       25 0-2 It's Tebow time. Just kidding, kinda. Kyle Orton is a better QB and I've always liked Eric Decker, they have some depth at WR.

       26 1-1 I'm on the Colt McCoy and Peyton Hillis bandwagons. Too bad they don't have much else.

       27 1-1 Blaine Gabbert will make his first start at quarterback. On the road. Stack 9 in the box, Carolina.

       28 0-2 I hate to say it, but I think it's all over for D-Nice. Keep handing the ball to AP and see what happens this season, and hand it over to Christian Ponder next year.

       29 0-2 Jamaal Charles is out for the Chiefs and for my fantasy team. Unless Thomas Jones finds the fountain of youth and Dexter McCluster can handle a bigger load as a RB in the NFL, they should get used to being in this position.
       30 1-1 Andy Dalton looks okay, AJ Green looks great. They're both rookies, and that's why they're here.

       31 0-2 They really, really suck without Peyton Manning. Like, really, really bad.

       32 0-2 Get a QB Pete Carroll, or get used to this spot.

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  1. This is the first Power Ranking I have seen that has the Patriots at #1. There is a reason every has the Packers at #1 and that is because they are the defending champs and still undefeated, both teams have played teams that are 0-2 and 1-1. Draw goes to the Champions.