Mike's Week 3 Power Rankings

Here it is everyone, my first edition of the NFL Power Rankings after some Week 2 chaos. There were a few tough decisions this week, especially in the surprise 2-0 teams like the Washington Redskins and the Buffalo Bills. As it is with every new season, the NFL is proving to have plenty of surprise performances. It's tough to say whether or not these teams are contenders or pretenders, I'll leave that for you to ponder while Andrew finishes his Pretenders or Contenders article that will be delivered to your inboxes soon.

In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy my take on the NFL power rankings, and as always, feel free to put in your $.02!

Record Comments
        1      2-0 The Packers have some serious questions on Defense after Dom Capers' squad gave up 851 yards in two weeks. Losing Nick Collins for the season doesn't help.

     2-0 Tom Brady is already making his case for MVP. If he continues the way he's started the season, there will be no stopping the Pats.

     1-1 Drew Brees is throwing the ball well, but Lance Moore and Devery Henderson need to step it up with Marques Colston out for the next 6 weeks.

     2-0 As a pass-first offense it is imperative that Plaxico Burress gets more looks and Mark Sanchez stays off the ground. This will be even harder without Mangold.

     1-1 Vick needs to be healthy for the Eagles to make a solid run. Mike Kafka looked good in his NFL debut, but Andy Reid needs to trust him more if they want to win.

     2-0 The Texans are 2-0, but have only beaten the Colts sans-Manning, and a fairly weak Miami Dolphins team by 10. Their performance in New Orleans will be key.

     1-1 After annhialating the Stealers at home, Baltimore was sloppy in Tennessee. Was this just a little stumble, or are the Ravens a bit overhyped?

     2-0 Detroit looked great at Tampa Bay and better at home vs. the AFC West Division champion Chiefs. If they can win at Minnesota, Green Bay better watch out.

     1-1 We can't fault the Chargers for losing to the Patriots after Tom Brady put up another 423 yards. They're still a threat.

     1-1 Atlanta looked sloppy against an average Chicago team, and probably wouldn't have won in Week 2 if it weren't for Mike Vick leaving the game. 

     1-1 Pittsburgh's D had a lot to prove after their dismal showing in Week 1. Their real test comes in Week 4 at Houston.

     1-1 Romo's 4th quarter heroics have bought him some time with Dallas fans, but for how long?

     1-1 The only chance the Bears have at repeating their trip to the NFC Championship is to protect Jay Cutler. He's tough, but cannot continue to get hit the way he has.

     2-0 Who's laughing at Rex Grossman now? With the injuries in the NFC East, who says they can't take the division?

     1-1 The gutsy performance by Josh Freeman and Co. proves the Bucs will not go down without a fight. Tampa will give Atlanta and New Orleans a run for their money.

     2-0 Their Week 3 matchup against the Patriots will determine where the Bills and their
2-0 record actually stand.

     1-1 They've lost to the Jaguars, and beaten the Ravens, both without much production from Chris Johnson. What can Hasslebeck do once Johnson starts producing?

     1-1 Oakland's loss to Buffalo may have seemed absurd in 2010, but the Bills are much improved, and so is Oakland. McFadden will be key to continued success.

     1-1 Eli Manning has had a less-than-stellar start to the season, frightening considering all of the injuries on Defense. 

     1-1 Jim Harbaugh is off to a nice start as an NFL head coach. It will be Alex Smith, however, who determines how far the 49ers can go.

     1-1 The Cardinals have serious concerns on Defense, and an unproven Quarterback in Kevin Kolb. It's going to be a long year. 

     0-2 Sam Bradford has looked good, and getting Steven Jackson back in the lineup will help, but they continue their tough start with Baltimore and Washington next.

     1-1 With no clear Quarterback on the roster, the Jags' offense is powered almost exclusively by Maurice Jones-Drew.

     0-2 Cam Newton has given Carolina fans a reason to be excited for the first time in the past decade. He alone makes the Panthers worth keeping an eye on.
        25      0-2 It's hard to believe just how important Peyton Manning is to this Colts team. There is still a talented core of players, but they will be watching the playoffs from home.
        26      0-2 Chad Henne has looked good in their first two losses, but Miami needs to find some consistency in the Red Zone, and Dan Carpenter needs to make field goals. 

     0-2 Looks like Mike Shanahan was right when he sat Donovan McNabb last year. This offseason will be the beginning of a rebuilding phase for the Vikings.

     1-1 I'm sure Kyle Orton is looking forward to going on the road and not hearing the Tebow chants from Denver fans. Should be a good matchup in Tennessee.

     1-1 The Bengals have a bright spot with young Andy Dalton, but he needs more weapons if they hope to become a winning franchise again.

     1-1 Sure, they beat Indianapolis in Week 1, but even with the easiest schedule in football it's clear that Colt McCoy still isn't ready to bring success to Cleveland.

     0-2 With Jamaal Charles added to their lengthening Injured Reserve list, the Chiefs won't be bringing another Division Title to Kansas City any time soon.

     0-2 They just don't have what it takes to produce points. On a positive note, if they keep Tavaris Jackson as their starting QB in 2011, they will have Luck in 2012.

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