Welcome to Fourth Down Stand

Hello sports fans, and welcome to the new Fourth Down Stand! As you all know, this site is brand new, and with all new concepts come an assumed learning curve,  but stick with us as my co-editor Andrew Hanlon and I look forward to bringing you our views on the "what's going on" in sports today. While many times these views will differ from those of the experts, we hope they prove both insightful and amusing, and look forward to any and all feedback you may have.

Our future plans include:

-A weekly podcast, available for streaming through the site or download through iTunes and many other popular podcast sources

-Regular Twitter updates @FourthDownStand

-Weekly Power Rankings, beginning with the NFL and eventually encompassing all sports

-Weekly Fantasy Power Rankings by position

-More staff, and guest writers

-Our opinions on Reality Television and the downfall of mankind as a result

-Anything else that we get in an argument over

So sit back, relax, and make sure to put in your $.02 now and again so we know how we're doing.

Enthusiastically yours,

Mike Gallagher

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