Andrew's Week 7 Picks

Down in Disney World on vacation with some family, but I'll show some dedication and update anyway. Here are my picks for Week 7 in the NFL ... Go Pack!

Denver over Miami - It's Tebow Time baby! Not sure how he'll fare in his first start, but they are honoring the Florida Gator National Championship team that he quarterbacked and the Dolphins still haven't won.

Houston over Tennessee - Houston will keep the ball on the ground as often as they can in this game with no Andre Johnson and a healthy Arian Foster/Ben Tate combo. They'll find a way to outscore the Titans in Tennessee.

Carolina over Washington - John Beck gets his first start since 2007 for Washington who likes to keep the ball on the ground anyway, but Cam Newton will get this team to it's 2nd victory this week.

Cleveland over Seattle - By default here, Cleveland's

Andrew's NLCS Game 5 Tidbits

If Greinke doesn't do at least as well as Randy Wolf did last night (7 innings, 2 ER) then I'm done with him already as a Brewer fan. This is what we got him to do, he's already won a Cy Young before, he needs to dominate in this game. This is our best chance to win with Fielder leaving after the season, we have to do it now. If the Brewers can go back to Milwaukee up 3-2 having to win 1 of 2 at home, we're going to the World Series. If we lose tonight and go back down 3-2, then I don't know anymore. St. Louis has already won once in Milwaukee, and they'd have Carpenter going for Game 7 on full rest, knowing he doesn't have to pitch Game 6 if they're already up. Remember what he did against Philly on the road in a series-clinching game?

Guarantee: If the Brewers can win this game, they'll advance to their first world series in 29 years. If they lose...

Milwaukee Brewers a St Louis Cardinals NLDS Game 4 Live Updates

8:14 PM CST - Mike: Hairston hits in Fielder after the Brewer's finally get a run on the board the old fashioned way. This followed by Betancourt's huge double allowing Hairston to score from 2nd on a sensational slide avoiding the tag at the plate. 2-2 bottom of the 4th.

7:53 PM CST - Mike: Brewers have Runners at 1st and 2nd, 2 outs and Ryan Braun steps up to the plate. Will the Brewers be able to score for the first time this postseason when they have 2 outs? Update: No. 1-0 STL end of 3rd.

Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Game 3 NLCS Updates

10:30 PM CST - Andrew: Disheartening. That would have been a big comeback.

9:11 PM CST - Andrew: I feel like Braun will clutch up at some point, his clutchness has carried us through the playoffs. I made that word up, I think. And if Pujols can win the Cardinals an entire game by himself like he did in Game 2, Braun and Fielder can easily do the same thing.

8:57 PM CST - Mike: Wow, who would have thought that Chris Carpenter could be on the hook in just the 5th inning. Goes to show what the Brewer's high-powered offense can do. Unfortunately the brewers haven't been able to score with RISP and 2 outs yet in the playoffs. This will be crucial for them if they want to contend for the World Series.

8:52 PM CST - Andrew: If Kotsay comes through in this game, Roenicke has to be mentioned with some of those managers that who seem to play good "hunches" in the playoffs. Btw, does it ever annoy anyone else that all ESPN analysts always seem to repeat everything their colleagues say? Except Merrill Hoge, he seems to hate everyone who's not a "tough, oldschool" white guy. Anyway, have to add that I've never been so pumped for the MLB Playoffs!

NLCS Breakdown, Game 1 Prediction

So it's Brewers vs Cardinals in the NLCS, with the Brewers defeating the D-bags, I mean D-Backs in 5 games, and the Cardinals eliminating the Phillies in 5. The Brewers have home field advantage which will be huge, because they're near unbeatable at home. After having an NFC Championship game of Packers vs Bears and the Packers going on to win the Super Bowl, I see more of the same for us Wisconsin fans. Sorry, Cardinal fans.

Game 1 is today, Zack Greinke vs Jaime Garcia at Miller Park. Greinke's a better pitcher, the Brewers are at home, and This state has a fever right now, and the only prescription is more cowbell ... errr... Brewers, baby. The Beermaker fans will be out in full force and will carry the Crew to a Game 1 victory, 5-3.

Andrew's Week 5 Power Rankings and Picks

1. Green Bay Packers (4-0) - Super Bowl Champs are still cruisin’, and Rodgers doesn’t look like he’s dropping off anytime soon.

2. New Orleans Saints (3-1) - If it weren’t for a goal line stand by the Pack in week 1, the Saints would be 4-0.

3. Baltimore Ravens (3-1) - Ray Rice is probably the best all around back in the league, and it seems like this defense doesn’t age.

4. New England Patriots (3-1) - Tom Brady is still carrying this team with the worst defense in the NFL.

5. Detroit Lions (4-0) - This offense is insanely good, Calvin Johnson is the best player in the NFL in my opinion.

6. Houston Texans (3-1) - Another really good offense, although without Andre Johnson for a few weeks will they take a step back?