Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Game 3 NLCS Updates

10:30 PM CST - Andrew: Disheartening. That would have been a big comeback.

9:11 PM CST - Andrew: I feel like Braun will clutch up at some point, his clutchness has carried us through the playoffs. I made that word up, I think. And if Pujols can win the Cardinals an entire game by himself like he did in Game 2, Braun and Fielder can easily do the same thing.

8:57 PM CST - Mike: Wow, who would have thought that Chris Carpenter could be on the hook in just the 5th inning. Goes to show what the Brewer's high-powered offense can do. Unfortunately the brewers haven't been able to score with RISP and 2 outs yet in the playoffs. This will be crucial for them if they want to contend for the World Series.

8:52 PM CST - Andrew: If Kotsay comes through in this game, Roenicke has to be mentioned with some of those managers that who seem to play good "hunches" in the playoffs. Btw, does it ever annoy anyone else that all ESPN analysts always seem to repeat everything their colleagues say? Except Merrill Hoge, he seems to hate everyone who's not a "tough, oldschool" white guy. Anyway, have to add that I've never been so pumped for the MLB Playoffs!

8:45 PM CST - Andrew: Huge, Huge, Huge, Huge inning for Yo. He's gotten out of some CRAZY jams this postseason, he's been our workhorse even after he gives up 4 runs in the first.

8:26 PM CST - Mike: Chris Carpenter doesn't typically give up more than a run or two, it's going to be up to the Brewer offense to get something started here in the 4th. It's clear the bullpen can handle itself when given a lead.

8:18 PM CST - Mike: Hopefully those 3 runs will help with Gallardo's confidence, he clearly looked shaky in the 1st inning. Getting out of the 3rd after giving up a double will go a long ways

8:10 PM CST - Andrew: Can you imagine what it would do for the Brewers confidence if they come back to win this game? If the Crew wins this game, I guarantee they win the series, I'm saying it here.

8: 07 pm PM CST - Andrew: The Brewers aren't off to a very good start in this game, but getting 2 runs in the top of the 2nd was huge. I think if Gallardo can go at least 5 innings in this game and not give up anymore runs, we easily have a chance to come back and win this game. Carpenter isn't unhittable tonight, we've proved that already, and I'd take our offense against any pitcher in baseball to get 3 runs in 6 innings. Our bullpen has already been great so far this postseason, so I think that they could shut down St. Louis in the last 4 innings as long as Pujols doesn't come up with RISP. Go Crew!

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