Andrew's NLCS Game 5 Tidbits

If Greinke doesn't do at least as well as Randy Wolf did last night (7 innings, 2 ER) then I'm done with him already as a Brewer fan. This is what we got him to do, he's already won a Cy Young before, he needs to dominate in this game. This is our best chance to win with Fielder leaving after the season, we have to do it now. If the Brewers can go back to Milwaukee up 3-2 having to win 1 of 2 at home, we're going to the World Series. If we lose tonight and go back down 3-2, then I don't know anymore. St. Louis has already won once in Milwaukee, and they'd have Carpenter going for Game 7 on full rest, knowing he doesn't have to pitch Game 6 if they're already up. Remember what he did against Philly on the road in a series-clinching game?

Guarantee: If the Brewers can win this game, they'll advance to their first world series in 29 years. If they lose...

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