Andrew's Week 7 Picks

Down in Disney World on vacation with some family, but I'll show some dedication and update anyway. Here are my picks for Week 7 in the NFL ... Go Pack!

Denver over Miami - It's Tebow Time baby! Not sure how he'll fare in his first start, but they are honoring the Florida Gator National Championship team that he quarterbacked and the Dolphins still haven't won.

Houston over Tennessee - Houston will keep the ball on the ground as often as they can in this game with no Andre Johnson and a healthy Arian Foster/Ben Tate combo. They'll find a way to outscore the Titans in Tennessee.

Carolina over Washington - John Beck gets his first start since 2007 for Washington who likes to keep the ball on the ground anyway, but Cam Newton will get this team to it's 2nd victory this week.

Cleveland over Seattle - By default here, Cleveland's
not as good as I thought they would be and Seattle's better than I thought they'd be, but Charlie Whitehurst is starting on the road for Seattle, and I like Colt McCoy much better.

Oakland over KC - Kyle Boller will start for the Raiders over Carson Palmer, but it doesn't really matter who starts because they'll hand the ball off to Run DMC and Michael Bush, plus they're playing the Chiefs.

Dallas over St. Louis - AJ Feely vs DeMarcus Ware? Nuff said.

Baltimore over Jacksonville - Baltimore is one of the best teams in the AFC, and Jacksonville is ... well, they're not the worst team in the AFC but they're not in the Ravens league either.

San Diego over NY Jets - I was tempted to go with the Jets here because it seems like everytime Rex Ryan is in the news for talking trash all week, his team backs it up. I just think San Diego is the better team.

Detroit over Atlanta - I have a feeling the Lions will respond to Jim Schwartz this week after everything that went down and the way they got disrespected by the 49ers at home. I think this will be a high scoring game, but Detroit will score more.

Chicago over Tampa Bay - I think Cutler and the Bears offense found something last week against the Vikings, and Blount is out for the Buccaneers, hence the pick.

Pittsburgh over Arizona - Pittsburgh is just a better team, that's all there is to it.

Green Bay over Minnesota - Christian Ponder might be in for a world of hurt making his first NFL start against the Claymaker and Chuck Woodson. The Packers D will be able to load up to stop the run and bring mad pressure.

New Orleans over Indianapolis - Indy is still trying really, really hard, give them some credit. Too bad for all the ESPN analysts that keep mentioning it, that's not enough for them to actually ever win a game.

P.S. - Shout out to my UW Oshkosh Titans who gave No.1 UW Whitewater all they could handle today at Titan Stadium. Whitewater hasn't lost in over 3 years, but Oshkosh took them down to the wire today, the closest game Whitewater's played since September of 2008. Whitewater kicked a FG with just over a minute left to go ahead, and were down at halftime for the first time during their 37 game winning streak. I know there's no such thing as a moral victory, but we almost took down the 3 time defending National Champions. Lotta season left guys.

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