Milwaukee Brewers a St Louis Cardinals NLDS Game 4 Live Updates

8:14 PM CST - Mike: Hairston hits in Fielder after the Brewer's finally get a run on the board the old fashioned way. This followed by Betancourt's huge double allowing Hairston to score from 2nd on a sensational slide avoiding the tag at the plate. 2-2 bottom of the 4th.

7:53 PM CST - Mike: Brewers have Runners at 1st and 2nd, 2 outs and Ryan Braun steps up to the plate. Will the Brewers be able to score for the first time this postseason when they have 2 outs? Update: No. 1-0 STL end of 3rd.

7:44 PM CST - Mike: Great Job by Fielder and Wolf keeping Molina on 3rd and covering Weeks' 3rd error of the postseason. End of 2nd.

7:39 PM CST - Mike: Molina's ground rule double isn't a problem. The 11 pitches it took to get their followed by the Rickie Weeks error is.

7:35 PM CST - Mike: Wow, that homerun was about as random as winning the lottery. Holliday thought he hit a foul ball, but the wind in right field kept it fair and carried it to a shallow homerun. 1-0 St Louis, Bottom of the 1st.

7:31 PM CST - Mike: Kyle Lohse is looking absolutely horrifying to Brewers batters. We WILL NOT be seeing another blowout like we did in game 2. Also, 2nd strikeout for Randy Wolf.

7:22 PM CST - Mike: Great first inning by Randy Wolf. Striking out Pujols has been near-impossible for the last two months, looks like he's going to bring his good stuff tonight.

7:16 PM CST - Mike: What in the world was Fielder swinging at? I've seen little leaguers have better at-bats. The Brewer woes with RISP continue.

Randy Wolf has allowed 8 First Inning runs in his MLB postseason experience. It will be up to him to ensure the Brewers don't have a repeat performance of last night's game 3. Albert Pujols has reached base in 8 of his last 9 plate appearances, and it will prove difficult for Milwaukee's bullpen to keep him under control. Bottom line is, it comes down to pitching in this crucial Game 4 matchup. Stick with us for updates throughout the game.

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