NLCS Breakdown, Game 1 Prediction

So it's Brewers vs Cardinals in the NLCS, with the Brewers defeating the D-bags, I mean D-Backs in 5 games, and the Cardinals eliminating the Phillies in 5. The Brewers have home field advantage which will be huge, because they're near unbeatable at home. After having an NFC Championship game of Packers vs Bears and the Packers going on to win the Super Bowl, I see more of the same for us Wisconsin fans. Sorry, Cardinal fans.

Game 1 is today, Zack Greinke vs Jaime Garcia at Miller Park. Greinke's a better pitcher, the Brewers are at home, and This state has a fever right now, and the only prescription is more cowbell ... errr... Brewers, baby. The Beermaker fans will be out in full force and will carry the Crew to a Game 1 victory, 5-3.

It would do this series an injustice not to talk about the bad blood between these two teams and how much they hate each other. They can say they respect each other, and maybe they do, but whatever, I'm not buyin' it. They've already gotten into it a few times this year, and now the quietest guy on the Brewers whole team is calling out the Cards best pitcher. Zach Greinke put it out there that most of the Brewers hate Chris Carpenter, and his "phony" attitude. I'm glad someone who matters said it, because no one will listen to me, but I hate it too.

Nyjer Morgan, who's always stirring up trouble, got into it with Alberta, I mean Albert, Pujols this year as well. That's his nickname for Pujols, not mine. Mine's less sophisticated and usually deals with buttholes. Anyway, Morgan and Carpenter got into it and Pujols got between them, before both benches cleared and nothing happened. Personally, I'm hoping for more cleared benches in this series.

My definite guarantees for this series:
At least 2 players/managers get thrown out of a game, the benches clear at least once, and there are at least 2 "intentionally" hit batters. Tony Larussa says something stupid, and Braun and Fielder go back to back at least once. The Brewers win in 7, winning one game in St. Louis.

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