Mike's Week 9 Power Rankings

Hello hello ladies and gentlemen! I apologize for the absence over the past few weeks but I have been in the middle of a big move to the Windy City of Chicago and Andrew has been busy on a second honeymoon at Disney. Now with both under our proverbial belts, we should be able to post much more often! I'm going to get back to it with my power rankings for week 8. I'm posting on my iPhone so I apologize if the format is a little sloppy.

1 - Green Bay Packers - The Packers had a bye this week which should be good for any lingering health issues they may have had. Look for a rejuvenated Packer team to take it to a reeling San Diego one.

2 - San Francisco 49ers - They're 6-1 for the first time since '98, back when they were tied for my favorite team. It certainly looks like the Harbaugh's know how to make successful football teams.

3 - Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steelers are playing like a team with a chip on their shoulder. After their dismal showing in week 1 they have proven they have what it takes to represent the AFC in XLVI.

4 - New England Patriots - The patriots stumble again this week and their secondary have a lot of questions. Tom Brady is a monster but without help from his defense they will have a hard time winning the East.

5 - Baltimore Ravens - Ray Rice is one of the best backs in the league with a powerhouse defense to keep him on the field. Joe Flacco has left much to be desired but if they can overcome Pittsburgh in week 9 they have a solid shot at a division title.

6 - New Orleans Saints - The Saints are left reeling after handing the Rams their first victory of the season. On a fun note, Drew Brees has the most interceptions in the NFL since 2010 with 32.

7 - Buffalo Bills - Who would have thought that the Bills would be in first place heading into November. They have a tough schedule going forward but have already proven they can beat some very talented teams.

8 - Detroit Lions - The lions made The Tim Tebows look like the last place team they are. At 6-2 they pose as the only real threat to the Packers' hopes for a division title and -- dare I say it -- an undefeated season.

9 - Houston Texans - Houston is the only team in the NFL with a 3-0 record in their division and with Andre Johnson returning to the lineup they will continue to roll.

10 - Atlanta Falcons - The Falcons have been on a roll with their only loss after an 0-2 loss coming to the Green Bay Packers. Julio Jones is getting healthy and Matty Ice is beginning to look cool again.

11 - Chicago Bears - For the first time all season the Bears aren't under fire for their offensive play calling. Unfortunately for them it's only because of a bye-week.

12 - New York Giants - Forget that the Giants are in first place. The secondary is still in trouble and Eli Manning is still throwing INTs. With this brutal stretch of games ahead of them don't be surprised if they're sitting on the bottom 6 weeks from now.

13 - New York Jets - There is still trouble in the Meadowlands but give Rex Ryan credit for keeping the Jets in contention. It's in their hands now with both games against Buffalo ahead of them.

14 - Cincinnati Bengals - Rookies Andy Dalton and A.J. Green have the Bengals saying the improbable-- playoffs. With CedBen coming back from suspension there's only room to get better.

15 - Philadelphia Eagles - The Dream team is on a roll and Vick looked the best he has all season on Sunday night. Andy Reid's career win PCT goes up almost an entire .100 points from October to November, an another .70 from November to December.

16a - San Diego - I would expect a fumbled snap like that out of Tebow, but not Rivers. The Chargers are getting closer and closer to a rebuilding period.

16b - Oakland Raiders - McFadden is on fire, but the real key in Oakland rests with Carson Palmer. Will the bye be enough time for him to prevent a repeat of the week 7 disaster? By the way-- what happened to 'Just not enough room for T.O. with all the talent at WR' as stated by Carson Palmer? T.J. Houshmandzadeh will be running routes for Palmer in what seems to be a slightly different reunion in Oakland than some had thought.

16c - Kansas City Chiefs - You have to hand it to coach Todd Haley for keeping his team in contention after much of his talent was put on IR. Looks like he won't be shaving for a while.

19 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Bucks have had a rougher start than expected, but a 2-0 division record will help their chances of making it to the postseason.

20 - Tennessee Titans - Hasselbeck has proven on more than one occasion that he still has plenty left in the tank after taking a 7-9 Seahawks team past the defending champs and now lighting a fire under the ass of what was expected to be a poor Titans team. He keeps winning while fans continue to ask 'Chris who?'

21 - Dallas Cowboys - After entering Sunday Night's showdown ranked 1st in rushing defense, they gave up over 230 yards to LeSean McCoy and company. DeMarco Murray continued to shine on offense, but the Cowboys are going to have to do a lot more going forward to avoid sitting home in January (again).

22 - Cleveland Browns - Even with a young QB and RB Hillis' injury problems the Browns have managed to win a few games and have been in the majority of them during the 4th quarter. If the offense can get something going when Hillis returns, they may have something to look forward to next season.

23 - Carolina Panthers - Cam Newton is still standing strong after yet another devastating loss at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings this week. There's no doubt that the Panthers could use the time off, but this football team is much better than their record indicates.

24 - Washington Redskins - John Beck or Rex Grossman? Does it really matter?

25 - Minnesota Vikings - Minnesota will try to regroup with their rookie QB during the bye, but it probably won't help much as they head to Green Bay in week 10.

26 - Jacksonville Jaguars - One could argue the team who will benefit the most during the bye week will be the Jaguars. Rookie Blaine Gabbert as been pretty consistent since taking over in Jacksonville, unfortunately for the Jags that means yards, but few scores.

27 - St. Louis Rams - While they just got their first win in week 8, it was against the Saints. This football team had a lot of promise coming into the year and I still think they are fairly talented if they can just stay healthy. Bradford needs to be better protected and they NEED to get some WRs if they ever hope to be competitive.

28 - Seattle Seahawks - Every time you see a glimmer of hope you remember they're choosing between Tavaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst.

29 - Denver Broncos - The only reason they're this high is because I like Tim Tebow.

30 - Arizona Cardinals - Poor, poor Larry Fitzgerald.

And to think-- I just traded Dwayne Bowe and Daniel Thomas for Larry Fitzgerald and Cedric Benson in my fantasy league. Crazy? Maybe, but I did it because of Fitz's schedule during our playoff weeks: SF, CLE, CIN vs that of Bowe's: NYJ, GB, OAK. Oh, and I needed to be able to start a RB this week seeing as my entire team is hurt.

31 - Miami Dolphins - Matt Moore looked pretty good during the first three quarters in New York but as usual the Dolphins blew it in the 4th quarter. Umm... sorry Tony Sparano?

32 - Indianapolis Colts - It's clear this team is done and they know it. They aren't playing hard anymore and there's a good chance Jim Caldwell is letting it happen. Andrew Luck, welcome to Indianapolis. I bet you didn't think you'd get a chance to take over even a decent team once your predecessor retired.

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