Andrew Having an NBA Fantasy Draft and Watching Scary Movie on MTV at 1 am

I know most people who read this, at least the ones that I know, don't give a crap about the NBA at all.  That said, maybe there are some people that do other than my friend AC and I, so this is kind of for them.  Or a bunch of nerds who enjoy fantasy sports.  Or both.  I happen to be both.  I'm an NBA fan, and a fantasy nerd.  Granted, I've never ever done well in fantasy basketball.  Regardless, here is my live rundown of my 2011-2012 NBA Fantasy draft on

Pre-Draft (11:43 pm) - I have the 8th pick in a 10 team league, snake draft, 13 roster spots - 10 starters (PG, SF, SF, PF, C, 3 utility spots) and 3 bench players.  The categories are points, steals, rebounds, assists, FG%, FT% 3 pointers made, blocks, and a specially added category - double doubles.  I'm hoping for Dwight Howard in the 1st round, but my team name is the NYC Melos, so you can guess where else I would go.

Round 1 (11:50 pm) - I have no idea what these people are doing.  With the 8th pick out of 10 teams, I had my choice of Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, Russell Westbrook, or Deron Williams.  I went with D-Wade, but I don't think I could have made a bad pick at this spot between all of these guys.  Dwight Howard went at 3, Kevin Love at 4, Amare at 6 and Dirk at 7.  This is working out insanely well for me so far.

Round 2 (11:54 pm) - I was choosing between Stephen Curry and Kobe with the 13th pick as Melo went one spot before me.  Damnit.  My team's named after him and he goes 1 spot before I would pick him.  Oh well.  Anyway, I decided to go with Kobe at the last second.  I have two 2-guards on my team in my first 2 picks, but I should pretty much dominate in the scoring category and shouldn't have to worry too much about that one.  I think I'm also doing decent in the rebounds/assist categories, at least for two guards who concentrate on scoring points.  Plus I have D-Wade and Kobe on my team.  Sweetness.  Is it fantasy sweetness?  I guess we'll find out.

Round 3 (11:59 pm) - Al Horford with the 28th pick.  I need some rebounding and blocks and he was the best available.  I'm hoping Joakim Noah will be left when I pick next at 33.

Round 4 (12:03 am) - Noah was there, so I took him.  Helps big time with rebounds and blocks, and his FG% or FT% isn't going to hurt me either.  I think he can contribute some scoring to me as well this year, although I don't really need it too much.  I'm going to need to grab someone who can drop some dimes and hit from deep in the next round, maybe someone like Manu, Dorell Wright, or J-Kidd.

Round 5 (12:08 am) - Took Manu with pick number 48.  J-Kidd went at 38 for some reason.  I have a feeling this league is going to be pretty interesting, people are reaching for a lot of guys - at least in my opinion. 

Round 6 (12:11 pm) - Serge Ibaka at number 53.  Should solidify me up front with rebounding/blocks.  If any of these big guys I have - Horford, Noah, Ibaka - can contribute points to go along with Kobe and D-Wade that's 3 categories I should win every week.  I could've gone Ty Lawson at this point and I wanted to, being the die-hard UNC fan I am.  I couldn't pass up on Ibaka though, so I still desperately need a PG with some assists and 3s, hopefully with decent FG and FT percentages. I have my eyes on Chauncey Billups.  Even though he's a backup at this point to CP3, I think he'll get decent minutes at the 2-guard spot for the Clippers and could potentially provide exactly what I'm looking for.

Round 7 (12:16 am) - Chauncey it is.  I was deciding between he and Mike Conley and decided on Chauncey based on 3s and FT %.  I need another deep threat on my team and even though he'll be playing less minutes than Conley, I like Billups more for my squad.

Round 8 (12:18 am) - Got Conley anyway.  It was between him, Wes Matthews, Kyrie Irving, and Jason Terry.  I don't feel comfortable going with Irving when he's a rookie playing for a shitty team, and I just thought Conley could provide what I needed more than Matthews - plus I already have Kobe and D-Wade at his position.  I think I may be able to get Terry in the next round, though.

Round 9 (12:24 am) - Son of a bitch.  I got caught deciding between Lamar Odom and Michael Beasley, waited too long, and got auto-drafted.  I ended up with Mo Williams, someone I definitely didn't want.  I already have a Clippers backup PG in Chauncey.  Crap.

Round 10 (12:26 am) - Decided to go with D.J. Augustin.  I still needed to upgrade my assists and 3 pointers category and Augustin was the best available.  Nick Young was my other option, but he doesn't have a team at the moment and doesn't pass the ball much either.  I already have enough ball hogs on my team.  See: Bryant, Kobe.

By the way, Scary Movie is on my TV in the background, haven't seen this movie in forever.  Freaking hilarious lol.  I can't believe it's 11 years old already.  That's the kind of quality programming you get watching MTV after midnight.

Round 11 (12:31 am) - Deandre Jordan at #108.  I've always been high on this guy and now he has one of the best PGs in the league.  He can only get better.

Round 12 (12:31 am) - Quick turnaround, took J.J. Barea with the 113th pick.  Can't pass up on this guy this late in the draft, especially when I need some dimes.  He just signed with Minnesota and I think he'll end up playing major minutes at some point this year with the inexperienced team in the state next door.  Great value this late in my opinion.

Trojan Vibrations commercial on at this point, followed by a Proactive Solution commercial.  Maybe these two commercials should have been reversed?  I think I'm up way too late right now.

Round 13 (12:37 am) - Pacers G/F Paul George is my last pick at number 128.  AC will love this pick.  I think he has some big upside this year if he improves on his solid play down the stretch and in the playoffs last year.  At this point in the draft, upside is really all I'm hoping for.

So that's it, draft over.  I'm pretty stoked with the team I have.  Kobe and D-Wade provide major scoring with decent enough boards and assists as well as FT% - solid building blocks I think.  Horford, Noah, Ibaka, and Jordan should provide some rebounding and blocks along with decent enough FG %.  Ginobili, Conley, Augustin, and Barea should add some assists for me and all of them shoot pretty well from the line.  I'm pumped about grabbing Jordan, Barea, and Paul George with my last 3 picks.  We'll see how this season plays out - stay tuned.  I'm going to bed because I'm sick of watching 10 year old lame movies at quarter to 1 in the morning.

No I'm not, I lied.  Scary Movie is hilarious.

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