Mike's Week 14 Power Rankings

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's time again for my FDS power rankings! What can I say-- The Packers are 12-0, have clinched a playoff berth and another NFC North Division title after a tight one in New York, while Chicago, Minnesota and Detroit all lost. It's proven to be a helluva year for WINsconsin sports fans-- The Brewers made only the second NLCS appearance in franchise history, the Badger football team rallied back after two tough losses to win the first annual Big Ten Championship game, Badger basketball is 7-1 after losing only to previously No. 1 North Carolina, and the Packers are 12-0. Oh yeah, the Milwaukee Bucks are going to have a season now too. They are still a team, right?

Not all fans are rejoicing in their teams' successes though; the NFL brought some surprising outcomes this week, especially the Denver Tebows winning AGAIN. The New York Giants have gotten back to what I knew they were capable of-- Losing. The G-Men had dropped 4 straight going into Sunday's matchup and in case you haven't heard, the undefeated Packers continued that streak in the New Meadowlands. Sorry Giants fans, my preseason prediction of your team missing the playoffs is looking better and better.

1) Green Bay Packers (12-0) -- The Packers stayed patient even with Rodgers having another "off-game". Turns out they're a pretty good team all around, and A-Rod is still rolling out 100+ QB Rating games. Watch out, only 4 games to go with 3 of them at home...

2) New Orleans Saints (9-3) -- Sure, SF has a better record, but the only team playing anywhere Green Bay's level is New Orleans. Drew Brees has been unconscious as of late, and the only question for the Saints is whether or not their defense will be able to contain Aaron Rodgers in the postseason. Spoiler alert! The answer to that question is no.

3) San Francisco 49ers (10-2) -- The Harbowl lived up to the hype, but what's even more important for 49er fans is that their team clinched the NFC West this week for the first time since 2002. While there wasn't a ton of offense, it's tough to lose when you hold the opposition to a big fat ZERO points.

4) Baltimore Ravens (9-3) -- The Ravens hopped over rival Pittsburgh after a big win vs. San Fran last week, and continued to roll over disappointing Cleveland. Baltimore is starting to look like the team to beat in the AFC.

5) New England Patriots (9-3) -- Tom Brady continues using Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez to make for the most lethal TE attack in the NFL. It sure seems as if NE is playing like they have something to prove after their loss to Buffalo in week 3, only losing to Pittsburgh and the Giants since then.

6) Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3) -- Big Ben picked apart the surprising Bengals using new-star receiver Antonio Brown well and often. Oh yeah, Brown had a punt return for a TD too.

7) Houston Texans (9-3) -- TJ Yates? Really? Houston seems to have confidence in them, and it showed in a gritty win over Atlanta.

8) Atlanta Falcons (7-5) -- Just when it looked like Matty Ice was getting hot, the Texans dropped the ball against TJ Yates and a banged up Houston Texans team.

9) Dallas Cowboys (7-5) -- Can somebody please tell me WTF is going on? How is it that the Cowboys are alone in first place in a division with the Giants and the Dream Team? They lost to the CARDINALS this week. Jason Garrett is going to be haunted by icing his own kicker until the Cowboys make the playoffs.

10) Oakland Raiders (7-5) -- Last week: Oakland continues to play at a high level. Oakland. High level. *Shakes Head* This week: They were dismantled by Miami. That's better.

11) Detroit Lions (7-5) -- They were sloppy against a Saints team that you have to be perfect against in order to beat. Cue free fall into mediocrity.

12) Cincinnati Bengals (7-5) -- Andy Dalton is playing really well for a Rookie Quarterback, but he has to be able to compete in a high pressure environment. Unfortunately for the Bengals he failed to do so in Pittsburgh.

13) Chicago Bears (7-5) -- The loss of Jay Cutler could be too much for this team to overcome. The loss of Matt Forte is too much for this team to overcome.

14) Denver Tebows (7-5) -- The Tebows, or as some people call them the Broncos, are 6-1 with Jes-I mean-Tim as their QB. First it was "He can't play in the NFL," then "He can't win in the NFL," followed by "He can't make the playoffs," and is headed towards "Well he certainly can't make the Super Bowl". Watch out world, Tim Tebow is for real.

15) New York Jets (7-5) -- New York beat an awful Redskins team, but there has to be a bit of concern that the game was as close as it was. The next 5 games will prove to be interesting for Rex Ryan's squad.

16) Tennessee Titans (7-5) -- Timing is everything in this league, and Chris Johnson is finally getting hot at the right time. Looks like Hasselbeck's play may be countered by his running game. Finally, fantasy owners can let out a collective sigh of relief.

17) New York Giants (7-5) -- I know I haven't been exatly subjective when talking about the Giants, but now everyone can see why. They are falling apart in the second half of the season. Again.

18) Buffalo Bills (6-6) -- Just when fans in Buffalo, New York were finally starting to have some pride in their team it completely backfires. Fitzpatrick gets a big contract and falls apart, Fred Taylor goes on the IR and they can't win. There's always next year Bills fans.

19) Kansas City Chiefs (5-7) -- They played hard and got a gritty win against a banged up Chicago Bears team. They may not be able to make the playoffs this year, but Todd Haley's locker room hasn't given up on him, nor should ownership.

20) Philadelphia Eagles (4-8) -- Wow, they really are that bad. 20 may be a bit nice to the Dream Team, they're simply a terrible football team.

21) Arizona Cardinals (5-7) -- Great, great win over Dallas in OT this week. Patrick Peterson is a huge loss, but they proved this week that they aren't ready to throw in the towel on the year yet.

22) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8) -- They NEED Josh Freeman in order to win. Even with him their odds aren't very good and they've lost 6 straight so you can see why they're so low on the rankings.

23) Miami Dolphins (4-8) -- While they're not going to make the playoffs, the Dolphins just may have saved coach Tony Sparano's job with the way they've been playing as of late. They certainly haven't given up/

24) San Diego Chargers (4-7) -- Tonight's game against Jacksonville doesn't even matter. They're just not good.

25) Carolina Panthers (4-8) -- Cam Newton brok the single season rushing record for a QB in his rookie season. He's clearly a special player and has the Panthers in a position to do great things in the next few years.

26) Washington Redskins (4-8) -- Rex Grossman has proven why he was shooed out of Chicago and had played as a backup until this season. One bright spot, however, is that Roy Helu Jr. has been running like he's permanently on fire.

27) Seattle Seahawks (4-8) -- Another disappointing season for Seattle football. Charlie Whithurst is a gigantic bust, and they're wondering why they let Hasselbeck go in the offseason.

28) Cleveland Browns (4-8) -- With the easiest schedule in the NFL going into the season, there were high hopes for Cleveland and sophomore Colt McCoy. Mike Holmgren is probably going to have to clean house again in order to get the franchise in line for a winning season.

29) Jacksonville Jaguars (3-8) -- I like Jacksonville tonight as teams usually come up with wins in the wake of a coaching change, but the announced sale of the team has to have Jaguar players wondering about the future of the organization. Could they be headed to L.A.?

30) Minnesota Vikings (2-10) -- Pathetic. Simply Pathetic. Leslie Frasier has got to be worried about his job security.

31) St. Louis Rams (2-10) -- NEWSFLASH: You have to actually score points in order to win games in the NFL. The Rams failed to do so against a stingy 49ers defense.

32) Indianapolis Colts (0-12) -- What a fall from grace for a franchise with a brand new, state of the art stadium. While Indy is hosting the Super Bowl this year, it doesn't look like they'll be featured in it for a while. Even with Peyton Manning this team wouldn't have made the playoffs. Props to giving New England a fight, but it just wasn't enough. Again.

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