Ndamukong Suh-- Dirty Player, Dirty Liar

We all know Ndamukong Suh is a dirty player. Numerous Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties, ejections, fines and now a suspension all prove that. For Suh to try to convince the public otherwise is an insult to our intelligence. That's all fine and good, as we're all used to NFL players and their broadway-like acting skills, but it looks like King Kong is going to be doing much more than pleading his case to refs-- he's going to have to plead it to a jury if the law does its job. 

Suh crashed his 1970 Chevrolet Coupe into a curb, light pole, drinking fountain and finally a tree. His statement said he was trying to avoid a stopped taxi, but explain to me this: How fast do you have to be going to plow through a light pole and a drinking fountain before coming to a stop only after hitting a tree? Isn't the natural human reaction when you're about to hit another vehicle to slam on the brakes? Apparently the officers on scene don't have the same skills of deduction that tell anyone who's ever driven a car that his explanation just doesn't add up. 

Sure as shit, within 24 hours there were already reports from Suh's passengers that they fled the scene but ended up in a hospital with what have now been reported as severe injuries. 

"When the light turned green, he floored it," one of the passengers told a local TV station. "I just remember going so fast and it was violent, and just getting thrown around like rag dolls."

This sure doesn't sound like he was avoiding an accident, it sounds like he was causing one. Ndamukong Suh has already proven that he has a volatile personality and simply can't control his impulses, I just don't think people realized this extended to his off-field life. Don't get me wrong-- Suh is an extremely intelligent person, one who has been praised time and time again for his knowledge of not just the game, but for his academic prowess as well, but his thinking he's too smart for people to see what kind of person he really is just isn't fair. 

The authorities have said the case is closed, that they're not going to question him any further or hold him accountable for lying on a police report. My question is, why?! Had this been you, me or anyone else for that matter, we would have been grilled for information and more than likely charged with a crime for obstructing an investigation. The more Suh gets away with, the more he's going to try, and ultimately someone is going to get hurt more than his past victims already have. 

The NFL Fines simply aren't enough. The $50,000 fines mean nothing-- as a matter of fact, $50k is just .002% of his annual salary (not including endorsements or bonuses), and he could care less. Suspensions are great, but does anyone actually think he's going to change the way he plays? The only way for Suh to understand just how inappropriate his actions are, is to hold him accountable of this crime, and to start penalizing him in a way that is significant and appropriate to his pay. Take away endorsements, fine him $150,000, suspend him for a year without pay-- I don't know what the league has to do, but one way or another something needs to be done to ensure he doesn't hurt more innocent people. 

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