The Packers Playoff Chances Broken Down Poetry Style

The Pack once again in the dance
On a quest for back-to-back
"Go Pack Go!" the Lambeau crowd chants
An advantage the other teams lack

The Giants first up in the divisional round
Umenyiora, J.P.P, and Tuck
They'll try to get Rodgers on the ground
But we really don't give a f---

The Saints and the Niners from the west coast
Brees' O against Harbaugh's D
While San Fran's coach likes to boast
The Saints look like the pick to me

So the Pack and the Saints for the NFC
The two top candidates for MVP
Two quarterbacks who've thrown for 40 TDs
What an offensive matchup this could be

Expect a lot of points and not a lot of D
The combined score for both teams may approach 115
But in the end I think Rodgers will outplay Brees
And in the Super Bowl crowd, we'll again see some cheese

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