Andrew's First Round Tournament Predictions

As the first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament gets underway, we'll have 12 hours of non-stop basketball madness today, which is followed by 12 more hours continuing tomorrow.  Anyone who hasn't faked sick already or taken vacation time will be at work streaming the games live on their computer, hoping their boss doesn't catch them.  While you're spending less time doing anything at all constructive and more time getting paid to discreetly watch basketball until "the man" tries to stop you, here are some things to look for:

  • Long Beach State (12) upsetting New Mexico (5) - A name to watch - Casper Ware. This guy will be a star in this tournament, I guarantee it. Look out for Casper Ware.
  • NC State (11) beating San Diego State (6) - The Aztecs seem to actually be the underdog in this game despite being the higher seed, and I have to agree.  NC State has been playing extremely well down the stretch and probably should have beaten North Carolina in the semifinals of the ACC tournament.  Watch out for the Wolfpack.
  • Montana (13) over Wisconsin (4) - I told my buddy Quinn while I was watching Montana win the Big Sky tournament that they would win a game or two in the Big Dance. Too bad for Wisconsin fans they drew the Grizzlies in the first round, because I'm sticking by my prediction.
  • Temple (5) will beat South Florida (12) by double digits - After USF's dominating win over Cal last night, they've quickly become a hot bracket-buster in the minds of some experts. There's a big difference between the talent and experience Temple possesses and the lack of experience and overall talent that Cal has, however. Expect Temple to easily do away with the Bulls in the first (technically second) round.
  • Bob Knight's State Farm Discount Double Check commercial to start trending on Twitter - Each year there seems to be some commercial that CBS runs about 12 million times during the tournament and I think this is it. I think it's actually pretty funny, but ask me again in a few hours when I've seen it about 598,746 times.
  • CBS to replace Lesley Visser ASAP - Damn, does she look old. She's still a good reporter but in the world of HD, sideline reporters need to be a little easier on the eyes. 

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