Andrew's Week 4 Picks

Here are a few quick thoughts on this week's games:

  • Home teams or away teams? I picked 10 away teams compared to only 5 home teams, something that makes me nervous. In close games I usually tend to go with a team playing at home, but not this week.
  • Lock of the week - Indianapolis over Jacksonville. Wouldn't this be true for anyone playing Jacksonville? What are the odds they go 0-16?b
  • Toughest game of the week - Seattle at Houston. If this game was in Seattle I would have little doubt about taking the Seahawks. On the road is a different story. If Matt Schaub and Arian Foster can control the time of possession and put up 7s instead of 3s, Seattle will have a tough time beating the Texans.
  • Upset of the week - Pittsburgh over Minnesota. I say the Steelers get their first win of the season in London. 

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