Mike's Week 4 Picks

Week 4 in the NFL should prove to be one of the season's more exciting ones when it's all said and done. Of course the more evenly matched teams provide more excitement for fans, but it also makes predicting the outcome that much more difficult. Needless to say that this week took me quite a bit longer than the first three and I blame that on one thing- road teams. Do I think Washington's best chance to get it's first win of the season is against Oakland? Absolutely. But do I think they can win on the road, with what is on pace to be the worst defense in league history? Or can they stop an improving Terrelle Pryor if he plays? That's where my confidence is shaken. And after I didn't bat an eye at putting 15 points on Minnesota over Cleveland last week (we play in a weighted picks league), Brian Hoyer and Jordan Cameron had Browns fans asking, "Trent who?", after stunning the Vikings in Minnesota 31-27. Be sure to keep an eye on what happens in Tampa Bay, as Josh Freeman has been benched and Mike Glennon -- the third QB picked in last year's draft -- will be the third rookie to start a game this season.

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